SF PRO BLASTER 7000 English Willow Cricket Bat


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The SF Pro Blaster 7000 English Willow Cricket Bat – a powerhouse of performance engineered to meet the demands of modern cricketers at the highest level.

The SF Pro Blaster 7000 is crafted from the finest Grade 1 English Willow, hand-selected for its exceptional quality and strength. The bat is expertly designed to balance power, precision, and durability, ensuring you can perform at your peak in every match.

The bat features a well-defined sweet spot, strategically positioned to maximize your hitting potential. This sweet spot enables you to strike the ball with incredible power and accuracy, consistently finding the gaps and sending the ball to the boundaries.

The SF Pro Blaster 7000 handle is thoughtfully designed to provide a comfortable and secure grip. It allows for exceptional control and manoeuvrability, empowering you to execute a wide range of shots with confidence and finesse.

The blade is carefully contoured to ensure an optimum weight distribution, contributing to a light pick-up and effortless swing. This design feature lets you react swiftly to different bowlers and adapt your strokes according to the game situation.

The SF Pro Blaster 7000 boasts a sleek and modern design that sets you apart on the cricket field. The refined finish and attention to detail highlight its superior quality and craftsmanship, making it a true standout in your cricket arsenal.

Choose the SF Pro Blaster 7000 English Willow Cricket Bat and experience superior performance and quality to help you achieve your best on the pitch. Unleash your potential and conquer the game with this exceptional cricket bat.

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