SG HP Lite Cricket Batting Gloves


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The SG HP Lite Cricket Batting Gloves is your perfect companion for the cricket pitch, combining advanced technology with superior comfort and protection.

Crafted with precision and expertise, the SG HP Lite Batting Gloves are designed to offer unparalleled performance and durability. The gloves are made from high-quality materials that ensure longevity and optimal performance, with meticulous attention to detail.

The construction of these gloves involves premium leather that provides a soft, supple feel, allowing for a comfortable grip on the bat handle. The superior grip enhances your control and manoeuvrability, allowing you to play your shots and finesse confidently.

The ergonomic design of the SG HP Lite Batting Gloves provides excellent flexibility and freedom of movement, so your hands can move naturally during play. The pre-curved fingers and multi-flex sections allow for a snug fit, reducing hand fatigue and enhancing performance over extended periods.

Incorporating advanced protection features, these gloves include reinforced finger and thumb guards to shield against impact from fast-paced deliveries. The added protection helps minimize the risk of injury, giving you the confidence to face any bowler with peace of mind.

The ventilation system in these gloves keeps your hands cool and dry, wicking away moisture to maintain a comfortable feel even during intense innings. The velcro straps ensure a secure and adjustable fit, allowing you to customize the gloves to your liking.

Choose the SG HP Lite Cricket Batting Gloves for a winning combination of comfort, protection, and style. Elevate your game and confidently face every challenge on the field, knowing your hands are protected by the best.



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