SG R 17 Wicket Keeping Gloves


The SG R 17 Wicket Keeping Gloves epitomises craftsmanship and innovation in wicket-keeping gear. Designed to provide ultimate protection, superior grip, and unmatched comfort, these gloves are engineered to meet the demands of professional wicketkeepers.

Crafted with precision and expertise, these gloves are constructed using high-quality materials that ensure durability and resilience. The top-grade leather used in the palm offers exceptional grip and excellent control, allowing you to catch every ball that comes your way securely.

The unique design of the SG R 17 Wicket Keeping Gloves incorporates reinforced padding in strategic areas, providing ample protection to your hands and fingers during those high-velocity catches and tricky stumpings. The well-padded cuffs offer additional support and safeguarding to the wrist.

The glove’s ergonomic design ensures a snug and comfortable fit, giving you the confidence to move swiftly and make those crucial plays behind the stumps. The ventilation system integrated into the gloves keeps your hands cool and dry, ensuring optimal performance throughout the game.

SG, a trusted name in cricketing gear, has meticulously engineered these gloves to complement the dynamic and fast-paced nature of the modern game. The R 17 Wicket Keeping Gloves embody innovation, style, and functionality, making them ideal for aspiring or professional wicket keepers.

Step up your game, enhance your performance, and elevate your wicket-keeping skills with the SG R 17 Wicket-Keeping Gloves. Invest in excellence and trust SG to deliver the gear that helps you perform at your best on the cricket field.

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