SG RP Lite Cricket Batting Gloves


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The SG RP Lite Cricket Batting Gloves are a perfect blend of superior protection, comfort, and style to enhance your performance on the cricket field.

Designed with the utmost care and precision, these gloves offer outstanding protection to your hands during intense gameplay. The premium quality materials ensure durability and long-lasting performance, making them a reliable choice for amateurs and professionals.

The SG RP Lite Batting Gloves feature high-density foam padding strategically placed to absorb shocks and protect your hands from fast-paced deliveries. This ensures you can confidently face bowlers of any skill level without worrying about potential injuries.

The glove’s design focuses on providing optimum flexibility and agility to your fingers. The multi-flex sections and pre-curved fingers allow for natural movement, ensuring you maintain a strong grip on the bat for powerful and precise shots.

Comfort is a priority with the SG RP Lite Batting Gloves. The soft inner lining provides a snug fit and wicks away moisture, keeping your hands cool and dry even during extended periods of play. The Velcro closure system ensures a secure fit and easy adjustments for a personalized and comfortable feel.

Aesthetically appealing, these gloves showcase a modern and sleek design. The SG logo and eye-catching detailing add a touch of style to your cricketing gear, reflecting your passion for the sport.

Choose SG RP Lite Cricket Batting Gloves for the perfect protection, comfort, and style combination. Elevate your game and face every challenge on the field confidently, knowing your hands are well-guarded by these exceptional gloves.



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