SG Test Leather Ball (Red)


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The SG Test Leather Ball in striking red, the epitome of excellence in cricketing gear. Engineered to meet the stringent demands of professional cricket, this ball is a symbol of quality, durability, and superior performance.

Crafted from premium, high-quality leather, the SG Test Leather Ball is meticulously designed to deliver consistent and reliable performance in practice or during intense matches. The red leather exterior adds a touch of flair and ensures optimal visibility and easy tracking through the air.

The ball’s core is engineered to maintain a perfect balance between weight, hardness, and bounce, providing bowlers with consistent and predictable behaviour on various cricket pitches. The expertly constructed seam ensures a solid grip for spin bowlers, enabling them to achieve maximum revolutions and precise control over the ball’s trajectory.

With the SG Test Leather Ball, you can expect exceptional shape retention and longevity, allowing for extended periods of play without compromising on quality. Whether honing your skills in the nets or facing competitive opponents on the field, this ball will rise to the occasion, helping you reach new heights in your cricketing journey.

Choose the SG Test Leather Ball for a true cricketing experience, where tradition meets innovation to bring you a ball that is a testament to SG’s legacy of crafting top-notch equipment. Step up to the crease confidently, knowing you’re playing with a ball designed for champions.

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