SG Test Leather Ball (White)


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The SG Test Leather Ball in classic white – the epitome of cricketing excellence, is crafted to meet the highest standards of the game.

The SG Test Leather Ball is meticulously engineered using the finest materials to ensure exceptional performance and durability. Its core is made from high-quality layers of natural cork, wrapped with layers of high-density, top-grade Portuguese cork, giving the ball excellent shape retention and bounce consistency.

The outer shell of the ball is crafted from premium-grade genuine leather, renowned for its toughness and resistance to wear. The leather is carefully treated to maintain optimal hardness, providing ideal bounce and ensuring the ball remains in top condition even after rigorous use.

The SG Test Leather Ball is precisely stitched using high-quality thread, ensuring durability and seam integrity. The four-piece construction guarantees consistent swing and seam movement, enabling bowlers to master their craft and challenge batsmen effectively.

Designed to offer optimum performance and playability in all cricketing conditions, the SG Test Leather Ball is ideal for both club-level and professional matches. Its white colour ensures excellent visibility for players, aiding them in tracking the ball and making crucial decisions during the game.

Elevate your cricketing experience with the SG Test Leather Ball, trusted by cricketers worldwide for its quality, accuracy, and durability. Experience the precision and feel the excitement of the game with every delivery and stroke. Choose SG; choose excellence.

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