Shrey Koroyd Cricket Helmet


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The Shrey Koroyd Cricket Helmet – the epitome of safety and innovation in cricket gear. This cutting-edge cricket helmet is designed to provide exceptional protection and comfort to cricket players, ensuring they can focus on their game confidently.

Key Features:

1. Koroyd Core Technology:
The Shrey Koroyd Cricket Helmet is equipped with advanced Koroyd technology, a patented energy absorption material. This innovative core material is engineered to provide superior impact protection by efficiently dissipating energy upon impact, thereby reducing the risk of head injuries.

2. Optimized Ventilation:
The helmet is strategically designed with optimal ventilation, allowing air to flow freely and keep the player’s head cool and comfortable during intense matches. The ventilation system also aids in moisture management, keeping sweat at bay.

3. Lightweight and Durable:
Crafted using high-quality materials, the Shrey Koroyd Cricket Helmet is lightweight yet robust, ensuring durability and longevity. This lightweight design ensures players can move swiftly and comfortably without feeling encumbered.

4. Customizable Fit:
The helmet features an adjustable strap and padding, enabling a personalized and secure fit for every player. This ensures maximum comfort and stability while playing, allowing players to focus entirely on their performance.

5. Extended Protection:
The helmet offers extended coverage to crucial areas of the head, including the back and sides, providing comprehensive protection to the player’s head.

6. Visually Striking Design:
The Shrey Koroyd Cricket Helmet boasts a sleek and modern design, appealing to players who appreciate aesthetics without compromising on safety. The helmet is available in various colours and designs to suit individual preferences.

7. Compliance and Certification:
The Shrey Koroyd Cricket Helmet complies with industry safety standards and is certified to ensure it meets the highest safety requirements, assuring players of its protective capabilities.

Elevate your game and prioritize your safety with the Shrey Koroyd Cricket Helmet. Designed for the modern cricketer, this helmet is a testament to Shrey’s commitment to innovation, comfort, and protection in cricket.

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