Shrey Master Class Air Stainless Steel Cricket Helmet


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The Shrey Master Class Air Stainless Steel Cricket Helmet – your ultimate protective gear for the modern-day cricketer seeking top-tier safety and comfort on the field.

Key Features:

1. Stainless Steel Visor: The helmet has a robust stainless steel visor that offers superior protection against impacts from cricket balls, ensuring your face and head are shielded from potential injuries.

2. Aerodynamic Design: The aerodynamically crafted shell enhances airflow, reducing drag and enabling peak performance while providing a comfortable fit for extended periods of wear.

3. Advanced Ventilation System: The helmet is designed with multiple vents strategically placed to facilitate optimal air circulation, keeping you cool and dry even during intense gameplay.

4. High-Quality Padding: The interior padding is made of high-density foam that provides an excellent fit and absorbs and disperses impact energy effectively, enhancing overall safety and comfort.

5. Adjustable Chin Strap: The chin strap ensures a secure and customized fit, giving you confidence and peace of mind while focusing on your game.

6. Sweat-Wicking Fabric: The inner lining is constructed from moisture-wicking fabric, keeping sweat at bay and maintaining a hygienic environment within the helmet.

7. Compliance with Safety Standards: The Shrey Master Class Air Stainless Steel Cricket Helmet complies with industry safety standards, ensuring top-notch protection during your cricket matches.

Stay ahead of the game with the Shrey Master Class Air Stainless Steel Cricket Helmet – a blend of safety, performance, and comfort for the dedicated cricketer.

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